The Oscar Iso-Mount is the ultimate space saving sound-proofing system ideal for sound-proofing - London & across the UK

 Oscar ISO-Mount

Many London houses converted into flats would benefit from improved soundproofing between floors.  The only way to do this effectively is to break the vibration path of the problem noise with Sound-proofing - London - UK.

Oscar Acoustics has over 30 years experience in the acoustics industry, working on such projects as Warner Bros film studios, O2 Dome and Arena, Greenwich Royal Observatory, Tate Modern. We now offer our knowledge to you, the builder, developer and competent DIY person with our new Oscar Iso-Mount; ideal for sound-proofing - London.

Oscar Acoustics has the answer for Sound-proofing - London:

  • A retrofit sound-proofing-ceiling system for installation by your local London builder or competent DIY'er
  • Finished ceiling looks exactly like conventional flat plastered ceiling.
  • All work to the sound-proof ceiling is carried out from the room below.
  • Absolute minimal loss of ceiling height – as little as 6mm (1/4 inch). 
  • The design incorporates the ‘floating acoustic ceiling’ principle in order to achieve best noise reduction, i.e. a sound-proof ceiling that is rigid but mechanically isolated from the building structure to prevent transmission of sound by vibration. 
  • Independent acoustic testing has been carried out by a qualified acoustician on ceiling installations in inhabited domestic properties.  Test results are better than Building Regulations, Part E.

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London-Sound-proofing Installation guide

From Edinburgh to Manchester to London - sound-proofing is an investment.

Oscar Acoustics has the expertise in building acoustics and product range to deal with all your London-sound-proofing and reverberation control needs.

Sound-proofing in London

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